What if the timeframe has expired and I haven’t been given a decision?

If this occurs, the public authority or Minister is taken by the Act to have made a decision to decline to release the information requested to you.  This is referred to as a deemed refusal.

This is not necessarily indicative of what the public authority or Minister has actually determined to do, but it provides a way for you to engage this office to ensure that your application continues to be addressed.  It is a protection for you against the inaction of a public authority or Minister leading to non-compliant delay in the processing of your application and the denial of your right to information.

In this case, if the timeframe has expired, you can request an external review and the Ombudsman will then have oversight of your application. The Ombudsman can also directly liaise with the public authority or Minister in order to get a decision released to you as soon as practicable.