What happens with reviews in a public authority or Minister’s office?

Public Authority

If you receive the original decision and it has been made by a delegated officer, you can request an internal review if you are not satisfied with it.  To do this, write or email the public authority, address your request to the Secretary, CEO, or General Manager of that authority, and request an internal review under s43.

The principal officer of the authority or a delegated officer other than the original decision maker, must make a fresh decision on your application.  If you are still not happy you can request an external review by the Ombudsman.

Decision other than by delegated officer

If the original decision on your request is made by the Minister him or herself or by the principal officer of a public authority (Secretary, CEO, or General Manager), then you can request an external review by Ombudsman Tasmania because, the decision having come from the authority’s most senior officer or the Minister her or himself, there is no one who can internally review it.