Are there any public authorities I am not entitled to request information from?

Yes.  The Act excludes information in the possession of 17 named public authorities or bodies from its operation unless that information relates to the administration of the body or authority.  Operational information relating to the actual work that authority or body carries out is excluded.  The relevant bodies and authorities are listed in s6.  They are:

  • the Governor
  • a court
  • a tribunal
  • the Integrity Commission
  • a judge
  • an associate judge
  • a magistrate
  • the Solicitor-General
  • the Director of Public Prosecutions
  • the Ombudsman
  • the Auditor-General
  • the State Service Commissioner
  • the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner
  • the Public Guardian
  • the Health Complaints Commissioner
  • Parliament
  • a Member of Parliament
  • the Commissioner for Children