Darryl Howlin and Clarence City Council (February 2021)

Mr Howlin has been in dispute with the City of Clarence regarding which party has responsibility for Marsh Street, Opossum Bay. He made an application in July 2017 for assessed disclosure of information regarding planning approvals, maintenance and other records to support his claim against the City of Clarence. Council refused his application pursuant to subsections 20(a) and (b) of the Right to Information Act 2009. Council considered it was: (a) a repeat request for information provided in response to a previous 2010 application by Mr Howlin on the same subject; and (b) a vexatious application as Council considered it a further attempt to gain evidence to prove arguments already rejected in court proceedings against Council. The Ombudsman found on external review that Council should not have refused his application on this basis, except for one aspect which was appropriately refused as that information had already been provided. The Ombudsman directed Council to reassess the application in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

Darryl Howlin and Clarence City Council  (PDF, 184.9 KB)

Rosalie Woodruff and Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water, and the Environment  (June 2018)

In an original application, Ms Woodruff requested information from the Department in relation to four fin-fish farming organisations. The Department originally applied s19 and appropriately offered Ms Woodruff an opportunity to revise her application.

Ms Woodruff did this, cutting the application down to just one of those companies. Once that decision was completed, Ms Woodruff then submitted two additional applications - each one dealing with one of the three remaining companies removed from her original application. The Department refused this under s20 claiming it a repeat application.

Rosalie Woodruff and DPIPWE (PDF, 2.5 MB)