Internal reviews

Ask for an internal review

You can ask for an internal review if:

  • We have made a final decision on your case;
  • You believe we have made an error when dealing with your case; and
  • You have tried to resolve your concerns with your case officer.

You should make your request for internal review no later than 60 days after your case has been closed.

How do I ask for an internal review?

You need to contact us and:

  • Explain why you believe the decision made in relation to your case was incorrect; and
  • Provide any supporting evidence that you have.

You will need to clearly explain why you think the decision made in relation to your case is wrong and if possible, provide evidence to show why. If you do not explain, we may not accept your request for review.

You can make a request by email, mail or telephone although we do prefer if you make the request in writing.


Mail: GPO Box 960. Hobart TAS 7001

Phone: 6166 4566 or 1800 001 170

What is involved?

An Ombudsman officer more senior or of the same level as the case officer will conduct the review.  The person will not be the original decision-maker and will review the whole file. They will consider whether or not the case officer’s decisions and actions were reasonable and appropriate and if there was anything that could have been done better when handling your case.

Possible outcomes of internal review are:

  • Your case should be re-considered and further steps taken
  • The original decision was correct and nothing further will happen
  • We should make improvements to how we handle cases in future.

We will contact you to tell you the outcome.  Unless there are unusual or compelling reasons, there will only be one opportunity for internal review with no further reviews available.  The decision on review is final.

How long does an internal review take?

We aim to finish internal reviews as quickly as we can but will endeavour to complete them within 60 days.  If a matter is particularly complex, it may take longer but we will let you know.