About the Ombudsman

Mr Richard Connock was appointed as Tasmania's Ombudsman and Health Complaints Commissioner in July 2014.

Prior to that, Mr Connock had been Acting Ombudsman since January 2014, following the resignation of Mr Leon Atkinson-MacEwen. He was appointed Director of the Office of the Ombudsman in April 2011, and was previously the Principal Officer, Ombudsman.

He has extensive experience as a barrister and solicitor, principally in Victoria. Following his move to Tasmania in 2000, however, Mr Connock focused more on consultancy than legal work and before joining the Office of the Ombudsman, provided investigation, conciliation and mediation services for a number of government agencies and private organisations.

As with previous Ombudsmen, Mr Connock will also serve as the Health Complaints Commissioner, who acts independently of government to promote and protect the rights of consumers who use health services, and to help resolve problems between consumers and providers of health services.

Mr Connock is a member of the following bodies:

Australian and New Zealand Ombudsman Association (ANZOA): The peak body for Ombudsmen in Australia and New Zealand.

Australia and New Zealand Energy and Water Ombudsman Network (ANZEWON): The aim of the network is to share information such as training, systems, processes and systemic issues arising from complaints.  The network works towards as much consistency as possible between schemes.

International Ombudsman Institute (IOI): Established in 1978, IOI is the only global organisation for the cooperation of more than 150 Ombudsman institutions.